Once upon a time Drake and Future didn't see eye to eye and now they are teaming up for another summer tour. Fresh off the release of "Views" which was released at midnight this past Thursday. The SUMMER SIXTEEN TOUR kicks off July 20th at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX running up until September 17th in Vancouver.

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Mark Beyoncé down again to top the chart with her latest release, Lemonade. The projected numbers have her set to sell around 500k albums, 900 tracks and generate up to 45 million streams. Believe it or not those sale numbers represent a 19% decline over her previous first week with album titled Beyoncé.

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How can you make your live show performance better? Please understand jumping around on stage for however long your set doesn't qualify as quality either. Considering how money is made for artist/bands in today's music climate, the live show shouldn't be an afterthought.
Most artists understand the importance between a great producer and a great recording, but they fail to recognize the need for the same type of investment (time, energy, money) into their live show. What is the purpose of songwriting days on end, sleepless nights in the studio, and a few minutes before a show figuring out what songs you actually are going to perform? Seems a bit counter productive don't you think? It might be time to change your mind. Producing your live show is an investment that will pay off tremendously. Watch the merchandise sales go up, more bookings become readily available and it's the best marketing tool because word of mouth is the best buzz!

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