Today music generates money when it's played rather than when it is purchased. This is the new business for the music industry. The first week sales don't tell the story of the future success of the release. The earning span of the project is where the opportunity to win big comes in. I never understood the conversations of discussing what an album sales it's initial week anyway. It's an issue to find a complete project you will tolerate from beginning to end today so the game has been altered.

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If you have an iPod Classic consider yourself a rare breed. Matter of fact if you actively use your iPod Classic salute you! During the WSJD Conference Apple's CEO Tim Cook was asked why Apple ended the iPod Classic? The response was Apple couldn’t get the parts because they’re not made anymore. He said they would have had to re-create the product and the demand for the iPod Classic wasn’t high enough to do this.

Yes it is evident that music streaming service is the future but what is becoming the past is physical and digital albums. What made the iPod the boss was its storage space: a whopping 160 GB. That’s about 40,000 songs! With all the streaming services made ready right at your finger tips why worry about carry anything other than your mobile device for playback?

You can count on IdOMUSIC® hosting an event and the only way you can enter is if you own a iPod Classic! We'll play only tracks off our iPods for the evening. At least for one night we can rejoice with our classics. Stay tuned for info!

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