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Album Review: Kodie Shane, Big Trouble Little Jupiter

Written by Courtney Colquitt
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Cover Art for "Big Trouble Little Jupiter" Cover Art for "Big Trouble Little Jupiter" Kodie Shane

Lil Yachty ‘Sailing Team’ member Kodie Shane released her first mixtape "Big Trouble Little Jupiter" on soundcloud today. Within the first seven hours, each of the 10 tracks already had thousands of plays.

The 18 year old Atlanta native really started hitting the scene once her single ‘Sad’ featuring Lil Yatchy made its debut. In the video released shortly after, her tomboy swag, baby- face, sing-song lyrics and millions of views caught my attention.

The video features her speed dating with a variety of characters right after a break up with Yachty.

Not even a month after sharing with the world her first EP- Zero Gravity - which features ‘Sad’, Shane didn’t waste any time to hit us with some more fire to begin the year.

The mixtape "Big Trouble Little Jupiter" consists of tracks mainly produced by other Atlanta natives Matty.P and D.Clax. "Top down in the winter like a winner would do" Shane exclaims on the track 'Twins' when talking about following the successes of her idols like Jay-Z and Meek Mill. Even though, when I think of riding around with the top down in the winter, my mind automatically goes to the “Started from the Bottom” video by Drake.

Each song has a head bobbing quality especially the track 'Like a Rockstar' ft. Saucy Longwe, where “We don’t trust these ho*s” is the anthem. Filled with songs on relationships and emotions, Shane shows us a softer side in her 3rd track 'Na Na Naa'. “I ain’t perfect though and you know that cuz nobody is….and you ain’t worth it though but you know that cuz none of us is” she says. Throughout the album, Shane plays with a variety of sounds even bringing us back to the 80s in a funkier sounding song 'Your Side' ft. En Vogue and Saucy Longwe.

I must admit, I’m not particularly a fan of ALL the tracks but I think Shane isn’t an average artist and definitely brings something different to the table. If you enjoy the soulful sound of The Internet and the unusual sound of Lil Yachty, I think you would like this mixtape because it’s basically a combination of the two.

On a scale of one to ten, "Big Trouble Little Jupiter" ranks at 6.9. Check out the album on Soundcloud.

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