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Lady Bose Weekend Werkshop Recap

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Lady Bose explains that Vocal Health and Wellness goes far beyond the sound of your voice Lady Bose explains that Vocal Health and Wellness goes far beyond the sound of your voice

Honey, ginger, vitamins and rose tea were just some of the many items on display at Lady Bose’s Weekend Werkshop. Patchwerk’s vocal Coach, Lady Bose puts all of her secrets on the table at this weekend’s werkshop.   Bose discussed the essentials for vocal health and wellness in order to protect and and grow vocal performance.


Lady Bose, a Berklee College of Music graduate and former vocal coach to the great Lauryn Hill, came to Patchwerk this Saturday to teach us a little something about vocal health. With a degree in vocal performance and a singer-songwriter, she has changed her life to fit that of a healthy, strong vocalist. Students gathered in Studio 9000 to get some of her insiders.


The Vocal Health & Wellness Werkshop was hosted by Patchwerk’s own Sammy Approved. The event began with an interview from Sammy asking the questions that many vocalists need to know the answers to. They began speaking on the basics of taking care of the voice and how a vocal coach can help.


“It’s necessary, it’s not good to be an untrained vocalist,” said Lady Bose.


Bose went over what the job of a vocal coach consists of and how the steps she teaches lead to a healthier lifestyle and better voice. She explained that her process begins with a consultation with the clients to assess their voice and whether she is able to work with them.


“A lot of people say ‘If you don’t know how to sing, you can be taught to sing?’ In my professional experience that’s not true.”


Bose admitted that she doesn’t believe that people can be taught to sing. She said that clients can get better by receiving vocal training, but not if they can’t even hold a note.


She begins her training sessions with stretches and warm-ups to make sure that the vocalist’s body is ready for singing.


“It’s in the tone of your voice,” Bose revealed that she can easily tell when a client hasn’t been following her directions. Bose said she gives her clients a full dietary plan, performance assignments and tools to improve the clients voice from lesson to lesson. She explained that as soon as the client comes for their follow-up session, she can tell whether they’ve been practicing or not.

Bose brought a number of items to the table to display what she uses on a daily basis to maintain the care of her voice.


  1. Ginger Honey Crystals: They serve as an anti-inflammatory
  2. Soy or Almond Milk Dairy: Dairy coats your throat, but these options will give vocalists a good amount of calcium without the stomach ache of dairy.
  3. Alkaline Water: Most water contain moderate levels of acidity, acid dries out the throat. Stay hydrated in order to relax the vocal chords.
  4. Vitamin A:
  5. De-caffeinated tea: Caffeine dries out your throat, drink tea at a warm, never hot temperature. Good options are Rose for detoxing the skin, Echinacea to strengthen the immune system and Peppermint Tea. The rose tea helps detox the skin, the Echinacea helps with


With that said, Lady Bose really knows her information when it comes to vocal health and wellness. Whether someone is a singer, a rapper, a pastor or a teacher, she can help them all. She taught attendees that if they are in public speaking or performance they need to learn how to take care of the voice.


Lady Bose ended with, “we have to cherish our voice and take care of our sound, that’s all we have. [The voice] is the only instrument that can’t be replaced.”


 If interested in learning more about vocal health, wellness, technique, call the studio to book a session with Lady Bose herself.        

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