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Welcome to the Cookies and Lemonade Show Featured

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Meet the new program delivering sweet music to your ears every Monday at Patchwerk Recording Studios. The marketing team at Patchwerk currently has two online shows currently previously streamed on the Twitter platform Periscope and Patchwerk Studio Instagram Live. Just like the customer service you receive when you book a session, the Cookies and Lemonade for us is the sweet music we get to review weekly.

Every week you can log into the network by joining our live feed set up on our Youtube channel and Patchwerkstudio Instagram Live to hear some new sounds being critiqued. The team always reminds our audience we are the creators and fans of the music. The ones who are consuming the music and actively sharing with others is who this program highlights.  The individuals buying the merchandise and supporting the artist career. It just so happens we werk in a multi million dollar facility where the hits are being manufactured too!  We are brutally honest as our job is to give feedback and not boost egos so be prepared.

The show is conducted by various members and staff of Patchwerk Recording Studios as well as our clients. You never know who will appear on the program weekly. Cookies and Lemonade is a platform for artist to get their sounds heard and we will give our honest feedback. We are the fans of music and want to help you become as great as you want to be.

In order to recieve a feedback you simply need to do the following:

-Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with a link to song you want reviewed on soundcloud. 

-Follow idomusiconline on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram along with @patchwerkstudio.

-A confirmation letter will be sent if you were selected for review.

You may submit up to three times. If wanting numerous songs critiqued think about conducting a professional Focus Group which Patchwerk Recording Studios can put together with ease! Don't miss your chance to find out what records are working and what is not with our new show!

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