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Beyoncé Behind The Numbers

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Mark Beyoncé down again to top the chart with her latest release, Lemonade. The projected numbers have her set to sell around 500k albums, 900 tracks and generate up to 45 million streams. Believe it or not those sale numbers represent a 19% decline over her previous first week with album titled Beyoncé.

Beyoncé, the album, was initially bundled at iTunes without the ability to purchase individual tracks. The streaming system was fairly new in the United States at the time and didn't contribute to first week sales.

Lemonade, however, will benefit from both the sale of tracks and the album being available to stream at Tidal. Lemonade is also priced at $17.99, two dollars more than Beyoncé. Here’s the revenue breakdown. Beyoncé sold approximately 618k in its first four days of release at $15.99. Assuming the standard 70/30 split for digital albums, Beyoncé generated $6.9m in revenue. Lemonade, selling at $17.99 and projecting to 500k, will generate $6.3m in sales. Lemonade, however, has the two additional revenue streams. 900k in track sales will generate $810k in revenue at 90 cents per track. Tidal is expected to generate up to 45m streams for additional revenue of up to $250k. This gives Lemonade a total of $7.36m in revenue in its first four days, which will beat Beyoncé by nearly $400k.

Definitely putting numbers on the board!


*Beyoncé (Columbia) 475-525k

Prince, The Very Best Of (Warner Bros.) 210-230k

Prince, Purple Rain (Warner Bros.) 115-130k

Prince, The Hits/B-Sides (Warner Bros.) 50-60k Prince,

Ultimate (Warner Bros.) 33-38k

Prince, 1999 (Warner Bros.) 27-30k

Chris Stapleton (Mercury Nashville) 24-27k

*A$AP Ferg (RCA) 21-24k

*NF (Sparrow/CCMG) 18-21k

Adele (XL/Columbia) 18-21k

The Lumineers (Dualtone) 15-17k

Prince, Sign O' The Times (Warner Bros.) 15-17k

Sturgill Simpson (WMG) 14-16k

Rihanna (Westbury Road/Roc Nation) 13-15k

Hamilton (Uptown) 12-14k

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