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Thursday, 16 October 2014 16:54

Event Recap: All 3 Coasts (A3C) Festival 2014

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A3C (All 3 Coasts) celebrated it's tenth year this past weekend. Hip-hop heads packed into Atlanta's distinct neighborhoods and notable music venues to witness live performances by featured and local artists including B.O.B., 2Chainz, Wocka Flocka Flame, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Scarface, Young Dirty Bastard (the late Ol' Dirty Bastard's son), Twista, Jay Electronica and more. Not only were the stages swarming with talent, festival goers had access to network and absorb sound advice from some of the industry's most essential professionals.


curtis daniel-patchwerk
Equipped with the festival's official app, we hit the scene on Education Saturday—where industry pros hosted a slew of informative and thought-provoking panels for each type of festival attendee. Our day began with panels presented by Patchwerk studio co-owners, Curtis Daniel III and Mike WIlson. Daniel III's panel outlined the gravity of digital media registration paired with an intimacy where the attendee could ask any question they had—even if it was void of relevancy. The 'Paperwerk' panel ran us through all the "homework" that needs to be completed following the manufacturing of a track so one is set up for one's ROI (return on investment). Daniel III broke down each registration sector including copyrighting, digital encoding of UPC's and ISRC's, BDS, Mediabase, and Sound Exchange. Check back at idomusiconline.com/blog for an in depth scope of Paperwerk or visit patchwerk.com's FAQ video footage.

Following Daniel III's panel we attended 11 time Grammy-nominated—2 time Grammy-winning engineer Mike Wilson's panel, "iMix." Wilson humbly began the panel with a brief introduction—and analogous to his studio partner Daniel III, he allowed the room to interrupt and inquire at any time. From there Wilson broke down the basic workflow of a mix, counseling the attendees to "always have a reference. You need to be able to listen to it everywhere: laptop, car, studio. etc. [...] and understand what everything sounds like in the track." He proceeded to advise the audience to avoid the current habitual mistake of "adding inserts like reverb and delays [...as they] add noise and lack of control," but to rather "break it down to an aux and use one plug-in." This sparked a question from one of the novice engineers in the room and the remainder of the panel transformed into a technical discourse. WIlson concluded the discussion with a "the customer is always right" silver of advice which served as a reminder that this entrepreneurial profession involves a client that in the end, needs to be satisfied with the final product—even if they are wrong.

A3C 1

The final panel that we attended was "Free Beats or Nah?," hosted by Rasclot, Childish Major, Chase N. Cashe and Tha Bizness. This panel, while laid back, was inspiring for the up-and-coming artists and producers in the room. Each panelist narrated their journey, informing the room there were no gimmicks involved—solely long work hours, passion and determination. And linking back to the Paperwerk panel from earlier in the day, Tha Bizness articulated, "get your pennies, just because you can." All of the panelists agreed to utilize the internet to spread digital media while Chase N. Cashe vocalized, "you don't become a brand until you become a household name and you don't become a household name by keeping it all to yourself."

Packed with new insight, the day of panels ceased and the mixers and shows for the night commenced. We stopped by The Duck Down BBQ in Edgewood and caught performances by Buckshot, Cocoa Brovaz, Jay Electronica, and more. Afterwards we combed through East Atlanta Village's stages at 529 and the Union to listen to a handful of uber talented and energetic local artists before we settled down at the Basement for Red Bull Sound Select's Scarface concert. The house was full of Face Mob-ians, as the anticipation of Scarface's performance got the crowd hype. DJ Jelly—us Jellys have to stick together—hosted the event and shared the turntables with DJ Hot Sauce. The Outfit, TX, Go Dreamer and Goldyard opened up the show spewing Texas references, displaying immense energy and seeping with passion. Succeeding the last local artist, the crowd began to chant "Scarface! Scarface! Scarface!" as Scarface's entourage cleared a path to the stage for him, presenting a much slimmer Scarface than we've seen in the past. Scanning through his famed catalog, he shared a selection of classic tracks like "Mary Jane" and "My Block," performed a new track featuring Akon which we hope to expect on his new album Deeply Rooted, and even brought Bone Crusher to the stage.

It would have been nice to attend all the festival's events, but overall the weekend was exhilarating; and we can't wait to see what A3C has in store for next year.

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