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IdOMUSIC North: Kelsey Vaz Interview

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Introducing Kelsey Vaz, the Quiet Storm. She is a singer/songwriter born in Markham which is located north in the Greater Toronto Area. Kelsey caught our attention with her amazing harmonies and angelic vocals.  Most of her childhood was spent in Ottawa, Canada. We were able to catch up with her as she is in the recording phase for her upcoming album release.

IdOMUSIC North:Hi Kelsey how have you been since our last check in?

Kelsey: Hey I am great! Summertime in Toronto hosts a lot of events for musicians and songwriters. I have been fortunate to have a lot of opportunities to collaborate with a lot of really dope individuals musically. Honey Jam in particular is a great opportunity that showcases female talent from all across the country representing different genres. The Remix Project is another event I’m participating in for young aspiring musicians getting access to programs and seminars that teach you all aspects of the music industry.

IDM North: Good stuff! Now to catch everyone up to speed your a singer/songwriter we actually premiered one of your previous singles “Direction” featuring Keats the Geek on the online platform “Cookies & Lemonade” powered by Patchwerk Studio. Can you tell us about growing up in Toronto and when you first realized music was your passion?

Kelsey: Yes! I received great feedback from that show. I appreciate you all so much . The love in Atlanta is amazing!
I was born in Markham which is right outside of Toronto . I was introduced to music at a really young age at 5, 6 my mom got me into singing and I would replace karaoke lyrics with my own. In my teenage years I would download instrumental songs off of limewire, and I would write my own lyrics to make up my own songs [laughs]

IDM North: Who would you say musically inspires you the most?

Kelsey: Beyonce for sure I love her, "Dangerously In Love" album. Her voice is so perfect and amazing. Christina Aguilera, Amerie, Keyshia Cole, Jazmin Sullivan, Brandy, SWV...more like my Women Power House vocalists. I admire women bold in their music and making amazing records with undeniable messages.

IDM North: You recently released a new single called "Put You On" and you also shot a video for that. Can you tell us about that creative process? Are you involved in the creative treatment of the visuals?

Kelsey: It’s funny because the first music video we shot called “Hollywood” , I wasn’t as hands on because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I depended on the director and the team a lot for creative direction {laughs} . Hollywood will also be dropping soon. When I got to shoot “Put You On” which is my second music video I was heavily involved in the creative treatment for the video. I really wanted to focus on the art and the story. I reached out out to my choreographer to describe my vision, and then we met the director Christine. Christine really executed the creative direction for the video. It was really dope to get to work with her on this project. It was also her first time directing a music video which came out amazing!

IDM North: The music scene in Canada is booming more than ever. It really is a melting pot. How does living in Canada influence your music?

Kelsey: In 2013 I moved back to Scarborough. I was always inspired by how current and how vibrant the city is and how much they appreciate the arts. You literally can graffiti anywhere and musicians are playing everywhere. There is something to do every night. From the outside looking in it's kind of like the New York of Canada. The culture and the community is very inspiring. As I got more and more into the music scene, I got to meet people and know their different styles.

IDM North: What are your studio essentials that you need for your recording sessions?

Kelsey: I would defintely say tea is essential to studio sessions. In moderation maybe a shot or two to allow myself to relax. Good vibes and energy is defintely a must to keep my mental focused and of course Snacks! DUH![laughs] Depending on the length of the session, I'm going to get hungry. Lastly Red Bull for wings if we are pulling a stu all nighter.

IDM North: Which do you prefer? Pen and paper or cell phone?

Kelsey: Phone as long as I'm on airplane mode cause no need for distractions. Yeah I don't know I write better from typing the lyrics into my phone because it's faster. 

IDM North: Verse or Bridge?

Kelsey: The Bridge. That is your moment to change it up! The Bridge you can switch it up and really show yourself.

IDM North: Honey or Mint?

Kelsey: Mint is nostalgic for me . My grandma used to grow mint leaves in her backyard back in the day so we really had pure organic mint tea which was beautiful. 

IDM North: What can we expect from Kelsey Vaz in the future?

Kelsey: Now I've been recording a lot of features and dipping my hands in a lot of things. You'll hear my voice on a few projects coming out of Toronto. I've been recording a lot for my solo EP project "Rogue". I haven't set a date yet, just taking my time. The visuals for the Hollywood video will be releasing soon. Be ready for good vibes! I'm excited for you guys to see everything we've been working so hard on.

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