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6 Tools for Your Next Online Concert

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Booking shows as a live musician can be a slow process. The dialog between the venue, the expenses for merchandise and publicity are all worth it in the end—but time consuming to say the least. And if you're just starting out, it can be tough building a large draw. Have you ever thought about hosting a concert straight from your living room live? What about broadcasting the "behind the music" to a mixtape project or documenting band practices? If you've never thought about it before streaming your concerts is an excellent way to keep your fan-base who live long distance feel connected. We've compiled six online concert tools for you to stream and/or upload your gigs, studio sessions, street performances, tour journals and even shower recitals if you so choose.



Formerly known as Mogulus, Livestream allows you to create your own TV studio for your musical project. Equipped with software to mix your video footage in real-time, this free website authorizes you as the executive big-shot. You can even embed a telly onto your website that plays your pre-recorded videos for when you're not broadcasting live—so you are always projecting relevant content.



Webcam. Check. Microphone. Check. With UStream, that's all you need to give your fans a glimpse into your world. It's user friendly outfitted with tools for the best audio and visual quality, doesn't cost a penny and within minutes you can establish the beginnings of your very own True Life: I'm an Indie Musician. UStream offers Pro Plans if the basic account isn't suitable for your live-streaming needs with features including no ad interruptions, 7 days a week customer phone support, and a customizable channel page that allows you to stay true to your brand. Test out the Pro plan with a 30-day trial where at the end of your thirty days you can backtrack to your basic plan or proceed with a Pro plan.



Featuring DJ sets, studio sessions, and gigs from all over the world, Awdio is a free social platform amassing live footage tailored for music professionals. With simple instructions, "just plug your audio signal from your mixer (Out) into your computer Line (In)" your footage can be broadcasted internationally in less than 5 minutes. Along with broadcasting live, you can create and promote events for the Awdio network and your fan-base to attend. Additionally you can integrate your social media so that viewers can interact with you as you're playing live.

Contributed by the community, is a hub for "sharing live concert recordings of trade friendly artists"—artists open to non-profit creative commons trade. The site's purpose is to expose you to new bands and encourage you to support the artists by seeing them live and purchasing their product. While this interface is not as ornate as the previously mentioned live-streaming sites—it's free to upload your footage to the massive archive of videos and is another opportunity for international exposure.



Create your own internet radio station or audio stream with SHOUTcast software—one of the largest online radio directories in the world. Presenting its users with "a complete suite of no-cost products," you choose what software is best for your audio streaming. If you're just starting out, SHOUTcast provides you with a program to run off your own servers until you can qualify for their upgraded stream services. Once your station reaches a minimum of 500 listening hours per day you can start making revenue off of your broadcasts.



If Pandora and Soundcloud had a baby—it would be Echoboost. With 10,294 artists registered and 17,705 songs uploaded, Echoboost (formally RadioFire) is a free internet radio that plays according to your geographic location. Artists can upload their music and include their lyrics, photos, song details, etc. and listeners can comment with their feedback. Auditors can boost a song if they like it or drop a song if they don't; and the top boosted songs continue to be played according to genre and geographic region. Artists can set-up a profile page and every song played Echoboost is available for purchase. Use Echoboost to promote your online or live gigs by interacting with other artists in your region.


IdOMUSIC® Tip: Don't slack off because it's an online concert; handle your online broadcast like an in-person gig with social media promotions, event announcements and notifying your email list. And if you have any upcoming in-person shows, be sure to shamelessly plug them into your footage.


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