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The first winners of the Tight 32 Emcee and Producer Challenge both originally from Illinois have made it loud and clear they are going to make the hip hop invitational spicy for the competition. The new rules are set all artist/emcees must be invited to enter the Tight 32. The wordsmith 4-Ize took the crown with a witty 32 flowing over the production of Dj Fac3. A part of winning the challenge is having a custom studio performance of the winning verse and conducting Spotlight Interview at Patchwerk Recording Studios.

Friday, 29 March 2019 02:38

Welcome To The Hip Hop Invitationals

The origins of That Tight Thirty Two On Thurzdayz goes back to 2014 created by the owner of the legendary Patchwerk Recording Studios, Curtis Daniel III,  in order to generate an added interest to his state of the art vocal booth placed in a shopping mall! The first location was The Mall of Georgia and later South Dekalb Mall. Eventually the challenge got back to the studio with new opportunities to be explored leading us into our new entry rules I can't wait to discuss!

The Weekend Werkshop series provides a monthly dose of knowledge and real world experiences told by current contributors to what we call the culture. Our most recent weekend workshop series brought the expertise of Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer/Dj/ and Head Of Music for I Am Other, Kawan Prather. Patchwerk Recording Studio was alive and sold out for the morning seminar.

Monday, 30 July 2018 06:08

July Tight 32 Verses

Events where the winner is based on lyrical prowess is very limited today but that is a true focal point with our "That Tight Thirty Two On Thurzdayz" competition. The producer of the month, Robert Limbo, is also a previous winner so knew what he needed to do for the win. Mixing those beats before submitting is key! The question is, "How would each emcee be able to flip the beat and make it their own?"

On this week’s episode of Cookies and Lemonade, Grammy nominated Engineer K.Rich along with Coragee, linked up in the Production studio.

Fresh Topixs was one for the Gawds! Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records, and Universal Records finally settled their legal battle. Lil Wayne is not only walking away with 1...2...3...4...5...6...or 7 Figures, but 8 FIGURES out of the settlement! Hip-Hop-Hooray for Him! This has geeked up the entire fan club of Lil Tunechi as it’s time to turn up the heat for the summer! Not only did that good news hit hip-hop this past week but he also teamed up with Nicki Minaj for their latest single “Rich Sex” which debuted on all streaming platforms yesterday!

Who is here for the return of Lil Tunechi?!

To go along with this week’s victory’s, this week’s submissions sent us in a whirlpool, taking me to do something that hasn’t ever happened in Cookies and Lemonade history.
Read More to find out what happened!

Cookies and Lemonade is geared to give musicians and artists the chance to hear real time feedback on their music while also giving our Patchwerk & IdOMUSIC audience a chance to discover new music, but remember…”It’s called Cookies and Lemonade but sh*t always sweet! Tell a friend to tell a friend to submit music!

C. Shiggs came through with that distinctive Janet feel with her record “It’s Too Late.” To follow, Shegogg came to “Relax Your Mind” with a melodic and smooth production mix that sent the audience in an uproar of flames. Then to cap off the evening, Nick Battle got the party started with “The Party Song” which had all three of us on the panel raising the roof! Our audience gave us no other choice but to run the record back to back! The record was so fire, I had to create a historic moment for our viewers…
I made Nick Battle the D.N.A. of the Week on site!

Also, did you guys know we also offer photography/videography services! If you ever need a creative director to enhance your marketing with amazing visuals and graphics, please contact us today at 404.874.9880. Be sure to join our network by signing up at to stay up to date on all things Patchwerk and IdOMUSIC!

So to highlight our D.N.A. (Dope New Artist) of the Week, is Atlanta’s native, pop/hip-hop singer and songwriter Nick Battle! Each week a dope up-and-coming artist is selected as my “Dope New Artist” who will be blasted across all social media platforms for that week. Nick’s newest single “The Party Song” has already hit 35.9k plays on Soundcloud. Check out his newly release EP “See No Evil” available now on all streaming platforms. If you think you have what it takes to be D.N.A. of the week submit a link to your music, a mini bio, and social media handles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to you guys tuning in each and every Monday at 8PM EST on Patchwerk Instagram Live. If you missed the show, it’s uploaded on YouTube soon after it originally airs. See you guys next week.

Wednesday, 06 June 2018 05:45

The IdOMUSIC Podcast Playlist

Bringing you closer to the source all summer long now when we release the IdOMUSIC Podcast which you can find each Friday, add in a guest playlist full of jams to the collection. We can't talk about MUSIC and not have a peak into our guest musical delights!

The first to participate in our activation was Malita The Mogul. You can review her selection on both Apple Music and Spotify. 

Also check out Chris Cornish, Head Of Music Licensing for Empire, this Friday 6.8.16 on all platforms. Catch his playlist below.

If interested in more info on curated playlist hit up This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What’s up guys, back with an fresh episode of Cookies and Lemonade Online Music Review show featuring, Patchwerk audio engineer Glen Thomas also known as “Fetty Wap’s” Engineer along with Coragee, the producer of Cookies and Lemonade, and myself Porchia Marie. We linked up in Studio 995 to deliver the goods to you!

Thursday, 03 May 2018 12:44

Naj Murph Reign As Tight 32 Champion

Never before has anyone held the title of “Tight 32 Champion” as long as Naj Murph. Each month since January 2018, Naj has been entering the Tight 32 Contest declaring his spot on the throne. The combination of his New York attitude and high-caliber bars definitely make for entertaining and engaging music.

The monthly competition created for emcees and producers has wrapped up for the month of February and we need a winner. Take a moment to check out the verses below and leave some feedback in the comments. The winner will be decided Tuesday February 27 @2pm. Who brought the heat this month?

This week the IdOMUSIC Podcast is entertained by 20 year music entertainment veteran Lisa Cunningham. An Atlanta native she has werked on over 1000+ music video sets and directed some of your favorites! She shares in industry stories and highlights key values if seeking longevity with the field. Hosted by Sammy Approved and taped at the legendary Patchwerk Recording Studios!

Lisa describes her best and worse times in this uncensored episode. She revisits her time at Hot 107.9 radio station and being terminated from position. Why she believes the industry is being pimped and how Atlanta can make the change. Her story on never pressing the snooze button and always repping culture will resonate with a good number of our viewers. As always you can find the IdOMUSIC Podcast available on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud, and visuals available on Patchwerkstudio Youtube page below.

Download the Patchwerk Mobile App for access to all 60+ episodes of podcast! We are the NetWerk!

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