The IdOMUSIC® Social Sessions Sunday is coming up this weekend, and we have a few artists scheduled to hit the stage. One of five acts you will see for this extended edition is Trendz Morrison.


Trendz Morrison was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Miami, Florida. He was known for his clothing line and throwing parties for the hottest artists in Miami, and Trendz always had a passion for various types of music, with hip-hop being his love. His influences include Nas, Tupac, and Mos Def. He worked on refining his rapping skills, leading to the release of his first mixtape, "Live Slow, Die Old." Once Trendz started building his fan base, he decided to direct his own videos and strengthen relationships with DJs and producers.


He took this positive energy and moved to Atlanta to start working on a new wave with some friends. Never forgetting his roots, Trendz travels back and forth to Omaha and Atlanta to help build the platform for his city. His journeying between the two cities has led to the latest mixtape, Alwayz F.E.A.R, meaning "Face Everything And Rise."


Trendz is a true hip-hop artist with a clear message: "You can make it out of anywhere and be somebody great. Simply follow your dreams. I'm not going anywhere. The music is my best friend, and God is good, man."


Get a preview of Trendz Morrison below, and stay tuned for more spotlight stories leading up to this weekend! Have you purchased your ticket yet?

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Meet another one of our spotlight artist performing at IdOMUSIC® Social Session Sunday taking place tomorrow December 21st! He goes by the name of Mercury Jackson!

Mercury Jackon is a one-man rock band!

Known monogamously as Mr. Jackson. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and DJ. He is nothing short of a powerhouse. He makes the music he loves, and the people love it just as much. Born in sunny southern California, and raised in the relentless bass scene of Atlanta. He is a taste-maker and party commander with a priority for making people move.

Mercury Jackson is a genre busting hit maker with an in your face mix of electro and hip hop.Every song on his upcoming release is huge and phenomenal. With an undeniable amount of pop appeal and love for hip-hop; He effortlessly fuses two worlds together in the DJ booth, or in the recording studio. Mercury Jackson knows how to make people feel emotion on the dance floor.

2015 will be a big year for this young hit maker. Armed with hard hitting bass loaded hip-hop
anthems, and big beat epic club bangers, this young star is on fire.

Don't miss his performance Sunday night at The Music Room!

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The upcoming IdOMUSIC® Social Session Sunday event taking place December 21st will have some awesome performances including hip hop artist Zulu Faz.

Born in Zimbabwe, Zulu Faz moved to Worcester Massachusetts in elementary school. Fighting common stereotypes of being from Africa, classmates at school would ask him if he had lions running around in his backyard. Overstanding the ignorance, Faz found his creative outlet early in art creating graphics for him and his brother Kevin’s fledgling label Folcal Point Entertainment. Creating a niche in the city among hip-hop listeners, Faz and his brother began churning out mixtapes with local talent over their original beats. Selling beats here and there around Worcester was a start but they had aspirations to move to Atlanta and make a name for themselves. Moving to Atlanta in 2007, Faz got an internship at Stankonia Studios where his brother Kevin was working as a sound engineer.

Faz worked day and night at Stankonia he observed the recording of Big Boi’s solo album and continued to work at their own home producing for other area artists. Bad fortune would strike Faz when his apartment would burn down due to faulty wiring in the complex. All of the equipment that Faz and his brother used and recorded on was lost in the fire. They lived in a motel for a week. Within a year, Faz worked and saved up enough to regain all his equipment to get back to work. In the midst of change, Faz started to freestyle and write verses. The first song he wrote was “Chasing Dreams”. Admittedly he thought most of the songs were of poor quality, Faz took an athletic approach into improving his musical quality. Armed with a regimen of practice, Faz committed himself to iterating the process of how to write thorough, thought provoking songs. The result of the process was his debut mixtape, DJ Burn One & Zulu Faz Present: Rhode Scholar Vol. 1. Named after the prestigious scholarship awarded to exceptional academia, Faz embodies the spirit of a scholar studying and staying true to the DNA of hip hop music.

Don't miss his performance Sunday at The Music Room!

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Join Patchwerk Recording Studios Sunday, October 19th at The Music Room for our new monthly event called IdOMusic® Social Sessions.

We create the platform for today's music makers and music enthusiast to socialize and build new relationships. Up and coming artist here is your opportunity to grow your fan base as well as receive an education from seasoned veterans. Everyone who REGISTERS  has the option to be added to our IdOMusic® Talent Directory and contacted for a spotlight interview during our Social Session. We have a few surprises for those in attendance so get there early. *hint hint*

Giveaway Opportunities:

  • Win a "Check My Mix" session at Patchwerk Recording Studios- This service gives you the ability to listen to your material in an acoustically correct room on multiple sets of studio monitors. You can then go back and make corrections as necessary. We make sure your mix is industry ready!

  • Win 2 hours in Patchwerk Recording Studios NEW Production Room- If you love making beats and want to do it in a studio setting here is your new home!

  • 2 Logo Design giveaways from our partner EXL Creative

Event Date: Sunday, October 19th 2014

Event Time: 6:00p

Admission: $5 before 8pm with RSVP and also for anyone who arrives wearing an I DO MUSIC t-shirt. After 8pm admission is $10.00 for everyone. Send RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purchase tickets ------>


Location: 327 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312

Interested in bringing an IdOMusic® event to your city? Contact us!

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A new service Patchwerk Recording Studios will be offering this fall is Focus Groups. Here is your opportunity to play a part in the process of a project! Interested in voicing your opinion? You are invited to participate in a focus group discussion in helping choose the next songs for an R&B artist's next EP. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your opinions and thoughts about a music release before it reaches the public. As a participant in any Patchwerk focus group, your views and opinions are extremely valuable in helping our clients improve the quality of their music.

The focus group will be held on Friday September 5th from 11am until 1pm at
Patchwerk Studios. Light snacks and beverage will be provided. Please be assured that
anything you say during the focus group will be kept strictly confidential, and
that Patchwerk will not release any information that can be linked to you. If you are interested in participating call 404.874.9880 to reserve your seat. 10 seats are available.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this important discussion.

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Iggy Azalea is having an excellent summer. The top two slots of Billboard's Summer Songs
chart have been "Fancy" and a guest spot on Ariana Grande's "Problem." Two more are slowly but surely rising with "Black Widow" featuring Rita Ora and guest feature on mentor T.I.'s single "No Mediocre."

The crossover into film and television has already begun for Azalea as well. Vin Diesel recently revealed she is set to film a cameo in Fast and Furious 7 due in 2015. named Azalea host of House of Style also. She seems to have the model for success as a white female rapper and growing clout on tour. She will headline Budweiser’s Made in America Festival in Los Angeles and the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas which will only bolster her promising future.

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Who Werked In STUDIO 9000?


Monica is a Grammy Award-winning R&B, hip-
hop, and soul singer-songwriter hailing from
College Park, GA. With a career spanning 20+
years, Monica's latest album, 2012s New Life,
debuted at no. 4 on the Billboard 200. 2014 brings
around another exciting year for Monica as she is
back at it recording her eighth studio album, to be
released some time later this year. Monica was
most recently at PatchWerk Studios tracking with
Dee Brown/Alverne Emmanuel and well-known producer Fat Boi.
Other sessions in Studio 9000 included those for SaySo (N. Bassani), Giomanni (Cope/JR White), Waka Flocka (N. Bassani), Mika Means (D. Brown), Rocko (D. Brown), T.R.E. (N. Solis/N. Bassani), Mila J (N. Bassani), Kay Soul (L. Campolieta), Tru TV (D. Brown), Knoxx (L. Banks), Loyalty (L. Banks), D-Geezy (L. Campolieta), CB Smoove (A. Emmanuel), Tim Koda (L. Banks), Los Lucky (A. Emmanuel), and Young Jeezy (T. Rey/N. Bassani).
Who Werked in STUDIO 995? !!

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