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Cookies and Lemonade Online Music Review: 2.5.18

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Cookies and Lemonade took it to the infamous Studio 9000, the largest and most expensive room at Patchwerk Studios! Porchia Marie brought along up and coming R&B starlet Talea, her producer/engineer J-Rod, and Grammy-award winning Patchwerk engineer Kori Anders! The artists presented a more chill vibe than previous episodes with the ambience of the 9000 room providing more space for the tunes to expand across the dim lighting.

The show kicked off with Lozo Glazin, who featured Fresh on the song “All I Ever Wanted”. The panel made a few critiques after hearing the record, stating that the song needed more beef in the overall production and a better mix. Se7en followed right after with “Scene 8”. The mix on the vocals would’ve definitely enhanced the record over the “monotone” sound, yet the lyrics were praised.

After a briefing on the Super Bowl, former Patchwerk intern AJ Loco presented “Phenomenal” for review. Kori Anders stated the mix wasn’t the best, but the song itself was pretty good. J-Rod commented on the amount of reverb used being too much, and Porchia suggested that whenever an artist records a song, treat it as if it was an ALBUM. A mysterious artist by the name of M had no social media, “Grew up on Six Flags Drive”, and presented “Love Drug” to the panel. The song was well received unanimously, and M’s obscurity intrigued the panel. Kori Anders even added that his use of reverb on the song “made sense”.

The 5th artist of the night, Middle Meezy had a tragic past and his song “Who Told You” which received positive reviews, but according to the panel a better mix would have taken it to another level. JordanL’s “Daddy-O” had similar mixing flaws with other submissions, but his style of rapping and beat choice was positively reviewed. Kijuan X brought something NEW to Cookies and Lemonade, a deeper-than-rap poetry piece laid on top of a chill hip-hop beat “Thinking About You”. Guest hosts Talea and J-Rod were confused by the message of the piece, yet the backing track was praised. Porchia stated that she was “Waiting for the beat to drop.” Talea suggested that the piece would be better received when paired with “Dope visuals.”

Daje served as the first (and only) female artist of the night with “Ca$h.” The way she “rode the beat” grasped the attention of the panel. Talea commented that the song followed current trends very well. Nauti Wave’s “24 Suncrest” served as Daje’s follow up, with the song being Porchia’s favorite along with positive feedback from the panel.

The D.N.A. artist of the week was guest host Talea! In true D.N.A. fashion, everyone in the room praised her featured song “Same City” featuring K Camp! The track serves as the lead single from her Debut EP Made in Gold. Kori Anders even gave J-Rod his props for a great job mixing the song! Heavy Hustla didn’t want to get “Too Involved” with his submission, speaking on not getting in too deep in romantic affairs. This took the number one spot as the favorite track of the night, with unanimous praise down the line.

Bainbridge, GA native Redd Tabb Clyde closed the show with ”Say No More”, a song that was noted for having some of the best bars on the show. Redd Tabb Clyde’s message was also well received, and the only critique mentioned was needing to distinguish the hook a little better from the verse.

This weeks collection of songs included mostly bangers! We look forward to you guys tuning in each and every Monday at 8PM EST on Patchwerk Instagram Live. If you missed the show, it’s uploaded on YouTube soon after it originally airs. See you next week!

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