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Artist Attack Racial Injustice On New Common's New 11th LP

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Known for his righteous messages in the music, Common delivers another socially conscious track named 'Black America Again' Remix along with Gucci Mane, Pusha T, and BJ The Chicago Kid. Common recently released his 11th LP and couldn't have came at a better time. The message is strong and to the point with his recent single. Is it far fetched to demand more records in this tone for the people? The truth twisted into rhyme but can be digested by numerous walks of life? This is an opportunity I'm anxious to see and hear but how will the people respond?

I'm looking forward to hearing more from numerous artist in the hip hop community address current situations. With the new president elect Donald Trump taking office soon it is most important people use their voice as a weapon. Speak up on injustice and if you have a platform utilize to get point across.  Everyone has their own opinions about how things should be ran but I think we can agree for the most part we need drastic changes in our communities. Each artist on the track deliver their point of view on the climate of society today. We first previewed on our periscope stream Cookies and Lemonade earlier this week. 

Gucci recites his verse about the difficulty of being a brother in America.

It's so hard to be a Black man in a white man country
Product of the slums with rich white folks' money
And the police got no love for me, but I'm not scared of nothin'
Mass incarcerate us, man and then they call it "justice"

Common gets into the lifestyle he prefers selecting Islam as his motivation.

My North Star's more than a sports car
Taught by the ancestors who fought for our
Liberation army
Islam palmed me and calmed me
So the world couldn't blond me

Pusha T hops on the track and reminds us of the travesty from past incidents with the police.

All these years later, we still the target
Look at Ferguson, Brooklyn and Charlotte
Sellin' CDs, reachin' for wallets
Trayvon'd be in his last year of college

Common states as reported by Rolling, "'Black America Again' is also dealing with how black people do each other." "I'm holding us responsible also, not that we are the source of the problem. I don't think it started with us. All the violence and lack of job opportunities was not created by us. But now that we're in that situation, we gotta figure out a way to get out without killing each other. It's more of a call to action than anything for everyone. We all have to stand up for each other."

What are your thoughts on the record?

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