As tour season kicks off for numerous artist and groups you can look for IDMonline to keep your calendar filled. The R&B/electronica/hip hop duo consisting of the American rapper/singer Phonte and the Dutch record producer Nicolay better known as The Foreign Exchange hit the road next month. Check and see if Tales From The Land of Milk And Honey is hitting your city.

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The idea of merging Drake, Lil Wayne, and Capcom together is genius. Taking two of the biggest names in today's hip hop world and an iconic video game spells cash money. Literally.
The concept for the Capcom-sponsored tour is complemented by a new iOS and Android app — also called Drake vs. Lil Wayne —that determines how the tour plays out.

This could be the beginning of something special with an artist vs artist concept. The fan experience at any event is beyond important. It is what will lead the next fan in the other city to want to participate. Especially in a time today where the fan has to be kept engaged otherwise they lose interest quickly.

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