Registration has officially opened for Patchwerk Recording Studio's IdOMUSIC® 5k Run/Walk this week. This will be the 2nd year of the run celebrating the 21st anniversary of the studio in business. What better way to showcase Running The Streets!

The course starts and ends at Patchwerk Recording Studios located at 1094 Hemphill Avenue.

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We have wrapped up our second month of 'That Tight Thirty Two On Thurzdayz' Contest and the verses are all in. You can review the artist entries below and decide for yourself who brought the heat. Remember it is all about the bars. Either you bring it or you don't! Shout out to everyone who stepped up and gave it a shot. Leave your comments and chime in on the hottest contest taking over the city.

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We all like to receive gifts, and it's an added bonus when it's something we like or want! Yes, it's the thought that counts and all that good stuff but it's  really really cool to get something awesome! So here are some fun and creative gift ideas that every musician or music lover will open with great delight and with an expression that truly means it.


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A great gift idea that is perfect for any aspiring or veteran musician is education. Give the gift of singing, dancing,or music lessons. The cost of breaking into the music business can be steep and every entertainer knows the benefits of training so ease the pockets of your talented peeps and give them lessons in their favorite speciality.  They will truly thank you.


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Another great gift idea is the Music Speaker Showerhead! Yes, this is a must have for any music lover. Now you can sing, dance, and well basically perform for the Gawds all in the comfort of your tub! Hot water and hot music, now you will really have a reason to be late....for everything!!


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Give the gift of time. Every artist needs a place to record the next big hit and you don't have to do it in your mama's basement...unless that's where you want to record. Patchwerk Recording Studio in Atlanta, offers gift certificates for sessions which is a fantastic way to give the next big star a jump start.


These gift ideas will surely leave a lasting impression for any musician or music lover looking to take their talents to the next level. These ideas will show your thoughtfulness, creativity, and appreciation, which is what everyone truly wants in a gift.



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Who Werked In STUDIO 9000?


Monica is a Grammy Award-winning R&B, hip-
hop, and soul singer-songwriter hailing from
College Park, GA. With a career spanning 20+
years, Monica's latest album, 2012s New Life,
debuted at no. 4 on the Billboard 200. 2014 brings
around another exciting year for Monica as she is
back at it recording her eighth studio album, to be
released some time later this year. Monica was
most recently at PatchWerk Studios tracking with
Dee Brown/Alverne Emmanuel and well-known producer Fat Boi.
Other sessions in Studio 9000 included those for SaySo (N. Bassani), Giomanni (Cope/JR White), Waka Flocka (N. Bassani), Mika Means (D. Brown), Rocko (D. Brown), T.R.E. (N. Solis/N. Bassani), Mila J (N. Bassani), Kay Soul (L. Campolieta), Tru TV (D. Brown), Knoxx (L. Banks), Loyalty (L. Banks), D-Geezy (L. Campolieta), CB Smoove (A. Emmanuel), Tim Koda (L. Banks), Los Lucky (A. Emmanuel), and Young Jeezy (T. Rey/N. Bassani).
Who Werked in STUDIO 995? !!

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