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Cookies And Lemonade (9.25.17)

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On this Monday’s night’s episode of Cookies and Lemonade, we featured Patchwerk’s very own Graphic Designer, Jade a.k.a. #DreadzBePreachin and Our Sales and Marketing Rep Curtis! It is always fun when they are on the show. I think the highlight of the week "Cookies and Lemonade" ain’t always sweet. We also discussed That Tight 32 Contest which is THIS THURSDAY! On the last show we asked that producers submit their beats for a chance to have their beats featured in the contest on Thursday. WE announced the winner on Monday night’s episode! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 404.874.9880 to enter. The Tight 32 Contest is our monthly competition for REAL Lyricists, to show their skills.

More details on what it is: the emcees are given a beat 48 hours before the competition, Then on Thursday Sept. 28th, (this Thursday) they are given the 15 minutes in the booth to spit THE HOTTEST, 32 bars they got. They get 15 no more no less, it is to see who really can work under pressure and deliver. The winner receives a spotlight interview from Patchwerk, spotlight performance at the idOMUSIC Showcase on My Birthday OCt. 5th, It is important that anyone who is interested in performing at a future IdOMUSIC event MUST submit their song for review on the Cookies and Lemonade program first. Please make this announcement through the program. One month of Promotion on Patchwerk’s Platform (FB, IG, Twitter,) email blast, our database has over 22k emails and discounted studio time! If you are an emcee who thinks that you got what it takes: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 404.874.9880

Now back your regularly scheduled program:

Cookies and Lemonade is geared to give musicians and artists the chance to hear real time feedback on their music while also giving our Patchwerk & idOMUSIC audience a chance to discover new music, but remember! It’s called Cookies and Lemonade but it ain't always sweet! Tell a friend to tell a friend to submit music!

Below we’ve listed our favorites and our not so favorite submissions. Listen to the tracks and let us know in the comments who you liked and who can do better! This is what Cookies and Lemonade is all about! Real feedback. At the end of the day, we are all consumers!

This week our freshest served song of the night. But I have to give it to BREE! She did a cover to Sza’s Weekend and called it “More than the Weekend” My sis, said the weekend just wasn’t enough. Check her out and follow her on Instagram: @blcktopanga.

  1. Swisaboi-That New Church Song
  2. Baby C- Swipe 
  3. B.J. (Like It R Luv It Ent.) - For Days
  4. ZAR- The Art of Enigma 
  5. Freckles - Choices
  6. AdELA - Main Attraction feat. Kool G Rap
  8. Haitian Mufasa - Yummy
  9. BREE - More Than the Weekend
  10. Bravado - Luv Again 

If you’d like to hear your music and get feedback on the show, please submit your SoundCloud link, a short bio and your social media handles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can shout you out on the show! See you Thursday! (: If we didn't get to play your track on this episode, we will be playing you first thing on Thursday’’s episode!

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