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Friday, 11 January 2013 19:15

YouTube's Mistress

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There is a war going on outside no man is safe from! Deception is at an all time high. Ever wondered how extremely horrible videos receive such a high view count? As you may already know there are a few "buy hits" websites all over the net. One of the more popular YouTube channel platforms made available are Vagex which is partially held responsible for this disaster.

The views are by real people mostly held in the United States. They price credits so cheap that you could possibly go on eBay and Fiverr and sell 2000 views for $5! If you choose not to do this then you can earn credits by downloading one of their free viewers and letting it "watch" videos for you in the background.

Remember in December when YouTube put the hammer down on the major labels for faking the funk? Check it out:

Sony/BMG: 850 Million to 2.3 Million
RCA: 159 Million to 120 Million
Universal: Lost more than 1 billion views, now stands below 6 Billion

The biggest fail about this is yeah you generate hits but make no real fans at all. You hear that all my indies? No future in your faking!

The FAQ for Vagex lists these benefits for using their services:

  • Greater perception of popularity
  • Your video will show up as suggested/related more often
  • Higher search rankings on Google and YouTube
  • In search results, people tend to choose videos with more view

Check out the website MusicThinkTank for examples of how it goes down. This is just a travesty in my opinion. I'm pretty sure anybody that would use their services wouldn't admit to anyone anyway!

Source: MusicThinkTank 

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