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IDM Contributor

Monday, 29 December 2014 18:56

Event Recap: Creating Focused Goals

At a networking event—especially IdOMusic®, no one should be solely listening. At the December Social Sessions I was ill with beginnings of a sinus infection, so instead of engaging with the people in the room, I stood in corners and observed. (A normal no-no.) I perked my ears to hear some conversations and it inspired this re-cap. As I entered the building, two attendees were standing in front of me. They were talking about how they don't have social media accounts because "it was too much." Too much??? It immediately inspired a  challenge for all IdOMusic® attendees (new & seasoned) to assess their level of commitment. This is the time—the new year—to step back, evaluate, and plan out what the upcoming year will look like. Seriously, look into the professional vision of your year. Remember those connections that you made, that got you excited but you maybe dropped the ball? Re-visit those. Remember that time when you said social media was too much? If you discipline yourself to a professional schedule, social media could take literally 5 minutes daily. Use the motivation of the new year to start anew. Just promise me that you'll be committed to taking your career aspirations by the reins instead of abandoning your goals before the 1st of February.

With that being said, What do you want your music career to look like in 2015?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 09:20

Spotlight Q&A: Niq Maximus


Photo credits: Heather LaShun Photography


"I will literally go through every single sound I have until I find the right can take forever sometimes."


We managed to catch up with ATL's production trump card, Jaron "Niq Maximus" Allen. Outfitted with a jump drive hanging from his neck, a backpack and a swanky collection of Ray-Bans, he stepped in the house from his part-time at around 9p.m. Without pausing to rest he gathered his gear for his trek to the studio and stopped to chat with us for a candid Q&A session. We stood in the hallway and he casually mentioned he landed yet another placement, this one—Young Thug's recently leaked track "I Made It ft. Rich Homie Quan." His additional credits include "Feed Tha Fam" featured on Rocko's Food Mixtape,  multiple tracks with UAMG's Zach Farlow including "Wait and See," and upcoming tracks with Cash Out and Young Scooter. He's been putting in that werk and we can't wait to see what this new year has in store for him.


If you've attended an IdOMUSIC® event in the past, then you know it's an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals. But if you have yet to attend, you may be thinking there are tons of networking events throughout the city, what makes this one unique? Simply put, IdOMUSIC® brings a centralized network to you ranging from indie artists, entertainment attorneys, publicists to grammy nominated engineers. Not to mention the host encourages you to converse with these people in the room all night long and that weeds out the pretentiousness that you usually encounter at networking events. Experiencing IdOMUSIC® you're investing in a targeted networking event that could help you further your career—but once you've schmoozed and gathered these people's contact info, what are you doing with said information? The most important part of IdOMUSIC® doesn't happen at the actual event. The true werk is in the follow up.

tiny coo-life-in-prison-rap-lyrics

The beauty in being an artist is that there are no restrictions to what you create—barring contracts. From subject matter to cover art, you are free to develop whatever your creativity desires. Even our First Amendment alludes to the freedom of speech however according to Wikipedia there are some exceptions "including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, speech that incites imminent lawless action, [...slander] and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising." With a 20+ year history of profanity and raw obscenities in hip-hop culture, as an artist you rarely have to consider your content being an exception to your political right of free expression—until now.

Saturday, 15 November 2014 14:08

6 Tools for Your Next Online Concert


Booking shows as a live musician can be a slow process. The dialog between the venue, the expenses for merchandise and publicity are all worth it in the end—but time consuming to say the least. And if you're just starting out, it can be tough building a large draw. Have you ever thought about hosting a concert straight from your living room live? What about broadcasting the "behind the music" to a mixtape project or documenting band practices? If you've never thought about it before streaming your concerts is an excellent way to keep your fan-base who live long distance feel connected. We've compiled six online concert tools for you to stream and/or upload your gigs, studio sessions, street performances, tour journals and even shower recitals if you so choose.


Photography by Heather Lashun Photography


Last Tuesday, three stunning women congregated to laugh and muse over monumental events in their careers as ASCAP Rhythm & Soul presented its 6th Annual "Women Behind the Music" Series. "The series, designed to encourage and recognize women in the music community, paid homage to three incredible trailblazers in each region." Concluding in Atlanta, GA, the honored guests included Debra Antney, Founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment; KeKe Wyatt, powerhouse vocalist and label manager; and Omara Harris, ESQ., Entertainment Lawyer at her own boutique entertainment law firm.


"Networking is not collecting contacts. Networking is about planting relations." And where else better to cultivate those niche relationships than at an IdOMusic® event? Every third Sunday, IdOMusic® hosts Social Sessions, a music industry specific event packed with opportunities to meet individuals with common goals, gain insight on how to perfect your craft, and feed off of the passion wafting in the room.

The most recent Social Session was hosted at The Music Room.

Thursday, 16 October 2014 16:54

Event Recap: All 3 Coasts (A3C) Festival 2014



A3C (All 3 Coasts) celebrated it's tenth year this past weekend. Hip-hop heads packed into Atlanta's distinct neighborhoods and notable music venues to witness live performances by featured and local artists including B.O.B., 2Chainz, Wocka Flocka Flame, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Scarface, Young Dirty Bastard (the late Ol' Dirty Bastard's son), Twista, Jay Electronica and more. Not only were the stages swarming with talent, festival goers had access to network and absorb sound advice from some of the industry's most essential professionals.


Tuesday, 07 October 2014 16:52

4th Quarter Music - October 7th


We're looking forward to an autumnal turn up with Pastor Troy - Welcome to the Rap Game, housing a bonafide southern line-up including Snoop Dogg, 8Ball, MJG, Ying Yang Twins, and Lil Flip. Click "Read More" to see who else dropped a musical project in the 4th quarter.

Monday, 29 September 2014 06:50

5 Best Web Hosts to Launch Your Artist Website


Organizing all of your music, content and contact information in one location—that is consistent with your branding is critical for the success of your musical career. Your personalized website is your around the clock, 24/7 liaison that will globally promote you while you're sound asleep. It also provides a professional hub to communicate with your fan base and simple accessibility for your network leads to contact you. While having profiles on entertainment geared social networking sites such as Reverbnation, Facebook, etc. is important, you're competing with thousands of other artists and distracting advertisements. Presenting an industry professional with a customized website (with your own domain name) makes you, the artist, memorable and doubly serves as your electronic press kit. More importantly, you want to know who is listening to your music, at what times, and how often. You want need to know the facts and statistics and you can only get that with a web host. Here are 5 idomusiconline recommended web hosts that offer features specifically for musicians with no website design skills (or time) required.

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