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The IdOMUSIC Podcast Presents: The Engineer's Corner

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For the longest I always wanted to put the most valuable players detrimental to a record's succcess on the spot so all the music enthusiast could sit and watch them speak. Who are these individuals taking the title of mvp you say? Only the person who can bend and maneuver your vocals into a werk of art. Yes you already know how we spell this around The Patch! The engineers!

After about two years of debating and figuring out exactly how to let the story unfold, the young jedi for the mission stepped up named Luke Campolieta. He also is one of our premier audio engineers in Patchwerk Recording Studios. Along with a decorated staff of grammy nominated and award winning peers we set up Studio 9000(A Room) for the scene. Inviting Luther Banks, Kori Anders, Dee Brown and Chief Mastering Engineer Kenny Mixx for a roundtable about sound, technology, and pop culture in music today from the engineer's view. Check out the video and leave thoughts. 

Listen to Dee Brown tell the story of how Waka Flocka's No Hands was created. How was the Beach Boys thrown into the conversation? Only one way to find out!

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