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Thursday, 07 July 2016 06:18

The Studio 1019 Experience

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Patchwerk Recording Studios is known for supplying artists with that sonically superior sound that will set them apart from the competition. During a session in Studio 1019 you are supplied with a certified tracking engineer that will assist in bringing your record to life.

Any artist that is serious about their music while on a budget can get their records done in a professional environment without breaking the bank.

I sat down with Verne Emmanuel, one of the tracking engineers at Patchwerk Recording Studios as he oversaw a 2-hour recording session with Hip-Hop artist Bizzy. Each session is collaboration between the engineer and the artist that will bring out the best vocal performance for the song. It is the engineer that supplies the technical know how that will make or break your record during the recording process.

During the session, I was able to witness what was once an idea become a structured song all within an hour.  Verne was able to simultaneously record and edit audio by equalizing frequencies and adding depth to vocals with reverb. As an engineer the process is just as much creative as it is technical.

To enhance your sound and really start WERKING, visit our website www.patchwerk.com for more info.

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