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A Conversation On Management With Rico Brooks

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Rico Brooks, manager for super producers Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin stopped by Patchwerk Recording Studios to drop some knowledge on being a manager in the music industry. He spent years working his way up the rankings from being a clerk at a Greenbriar Mall Record store and working at Block Entertainment to being the CEO of Adella Thomas Management.

During our conversation, Rico Brooks shed light on the “major keys” one should follow to be a successful manager in this business.

Leadership Ability


“The more you know the better a manager you will be”- Rico Brooks

As a manager it is important to gain knowledge from werkshops, internships, and mentors so that you are able to guide your client in the right direction.  One should also be able to handle situations effectively such as dealing with promoters or police officers.

 Relationships & Connections


“I helped Sonny get his placements for Birthday Song & 10 Summers because of my relationships” – Rico Brooks

A client is only as good as his manager. When being a manager relationships and connections are key. These relationships can be with lawyers, record labels, and publishing companies. Good people skills allow you to maintain good relationships.



Access to Capital

 “Sometimes the only way to make something happen is with your own bank account”- Rico  Brooks

Having the access to capital allows the artist to travel, secure meetings, and book studio time. Acquiring the funds needed to accommodate your client can range from your own income, loans, and even crowd funding. Managers are paid a commission of 10-20%. Without the proper funds to get your client to the next level then a manager doesn’t get paid.


“You have to love what you do otherwise this profession will consume you” – Rico Brooks

Loving your craft will keep you focused in the music industry. If you don’t love your job it is hard to facilitate your clients needs. You also need to make sure you allow yourself to be free from your client’s life. Schedule some time for yourself so that your personal life doesn’t interfere with your career.

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