We are three months in to the return of the IdOMUSIC showcase and it just keeps getting better! A great night of quality networking and lit performances! Hosted by Sammy Approved and Ron Tha DJ kept the vibe on point all night. What did you miss??

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The IdOMUSIC® Social Sessions Sunday is coming up this weekend, and we have a few artists scheduled to hit the stage. One of five acts you will see for this extended edition is Trendz Morrison.


Trendz Morrison was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Miami, Florida. He was known for his clothing line and throwing parties for the hottest artists in Miami, and Trendz always had a passion for various types of music, with hip-hop being his love. His influences include Nas, Tupac, and Mos Def. He worked on refining his rapping skills, leading to the release of his first mixtape, "Live Slow, Die Old." Once Trendz started building his fan base, he decided to direct his own videos and strengthen relationships with DJs and producers.


He took this positive energy and moved to Atlanta to start working on a new wave with some friends. Never forgetting his roots, Trendz travels back and forth to Omaha and Atlanta to help build the platform for his city. His journeying between the two cities has led to the latest mixtape, Alwayz F.E.A.R, meaning "Face Everything And Rise."


Trendz is a true hip-hop artist with a clear message: "You can make it out of anywhere and be somebody great. Simply follow your dreams. I'm not going anywhere. The music is my best friend, and God is good, man."


Get a preview of Trendz Morrison below, and stay tuned for more spotlight stories leading up to this weekend! Have you purchased your ticket yet?

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At a networking event—especially IdOMusic®, no one should be solely listening. At the December Social Sessions I was ill with beginnings of a sinus infection, so instead of engaging with the people in the room, I stood in corners and observed. (A normal no-no.) I perked my ears to hear some conversations and it inspired this re-cap. As I entered the building, two attendees were standing in front of me. They were talking about how they don't have social media accounts because "it was too much." Too much??? It immediately inspired a  challenge for all IdOMusic® attendees (new & seasoned) to assess their level of commitment. This is the time—the new year—to step back, evaluate, and plan out what the upcoming year will look like. Seriously, look into the professional vision of your year. Remember those connections that you made, that got you excited but you maybe dropped the ball? Re-visit those. Remember that time when you said social media was too much? If you discipline yourself to a professional schedule, social media could take literally 5 minutes daily. Use the motivation of the new year to start anew. Just promise me that you'll be committed to taking your career aspirations by the reins instead of abandoning your goals before the 1st of February.

With that being said, What do you want your music career to look like in 2015?

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If you've attended an IdOMUSIC® event in the past, then you know it's an excellent opportunity to network with industry professionals. But if you have yet to attend, you may be thinking there are tons of networking events throughout the city, what makes this one unique? Simply put, IdOMUSIC® brings a centralized network to you ranging from indie artists, entertainment attorneys, publicists to grammy nominated engineers. Not to mention the host encourages you to converse with these people in the room all night long and that weeds out the pretentiousness that you usually encounter at networking events. Experiencing IdOMUSIC® you're investing in a targeted networking event that could help you further your career—but once you've schmoozed and gathered these people's contact info, what are you doing with said information? The most important part of IdOMUSIC® doesn't happen at the actual event. The true werk is in the follow up.

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