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Spotlight Q&A: Niq Maximus

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"I will literally go through every single sound I have until I find the right can take forever sometimes."


We managed to catch up with ATL's production trump card, Jaron "Niq Maximus" Allen. Outfitted with a jump drive hanging from his neck, a backpack and a swanky collection of Ray-Bans, he stepped in the house from his part-time at around 9p.m. Without pausing to rest he gathered his gear for his trek to the studio and stopped to chat with us for a candid Q&A session. We stood in the hallway and he casually mentioned he landed yet another placement, this one—Young Thug's recently leaked track "I Made It ft. Rich Homie Quan." His additional credits include "Feed Tha Fam" featured on Rocko's Food Mixtape,  multiple tracks with UAMG's Zach Farlow including "Wait and See," and upcoming tracks with Cash Out and Young Scooter. He's been putting in that werk and we can't wait to see what this new year has in store for him.

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Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?
252 baby! Greenville, NC. Representing for my hometown. Carolina Panthers, Tarheels—all of them.


And what do you do?
I am a film composer, music producer, vocalist, songwriter, singer, and arranger for UAMG Studios Urban Angels Music Group (formally DARP Studios) in Atlanta, Georgia. I forgot to say musician—it's a lot of stuff. Dang, I was a musician first actually. It's been so long ago.


How long ago is "so long ago"?
I started playing the drums when I was five years old. I started playing the piano and keyboard when I was about twelve. So it has been a lot of years. I'm thirty now. So, a lot of years.


Describe your music. And what separates you from other producers?

I like to say my music is worldly because I produce different genres of music—I’m not just stuck to one sound. I like to combine all the music I love and the music that inspires me to create a genre of my own. I’m not just a producer. I’m a music composer also, so I think that separates me from a lot of producers—especially here in Atlanta. I played an action score in the studio when I first got here 2 years ago and has a lot of people’s heads messed up. They were looking at me confused like, “where’s the turn up???”


We don't want to share all of your secrets but what software do you use?

I use Reason and Logic 9.


What's the first song you ever remember hearing?
The first song that I ever remember hearing had to be...umm... I think it was Bobby Brown actually—it was "My Prerogative." Tiffany, a cousin of mine—I wasn't supposed to be watching music videos and "My Prerogative" was on, Bobby Brown was dancing. And I was like, "ill as f**k!!!" I think want to say this was the first song that I remember actually being like, this sounds cool.


What keeps you inspired and motivated to create? Bobby Brown?
Ha ha...nah...I'm always inspired by what I haven't created yet. When I think about what I haven't created and I think about the idea of what I want to create, I get so excited. It just makes me want to jump up and produce something. Yeah, usually I can be sitting and at the drop of the hat I get an idea and I'm like, "Oh I'm going to the studio. I have an idea." You know, sometimes it's refreshing. It revitalizes me sometimes. If I'm feeling down and I'm thinking about something to do or I get an idea—I feel brand new.


Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to work with in 2015?

I've worked with Southside and 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin, DJ Spinz, Rick Racks, Mello The Producer, Sonny Digital, and Wheezy 5th.

In 2015: Timbaland, Kanye, Bangladesh, Diplo, Flux Pavilion, and Hudson Mohawke.


I dig it. That 2015 collab list sounds like you have big plans for 2015. What are you currently working on?
I have my own version Trap EDM music that I'm trying to take overseas also working on getting more placements with Young Thug, (Rich Homie) Quan and all artists with a budget really.


What's next for you?
Hopefully the big screen—Universal Studios, scoring major movies, #1's on Billboards, geeKs & azWHOLEz. Hopefully bigger things. Big shit poppin', little shit stoppin'.


Any advice for young producers?

Always reinvent yourself. Stay up to date with the latest software & equipment and make sure the sound quality of your music is A1.


Where can we find you on the interwebs?
I have older YouTube videos on
Twitter: @Niqulus_Maximus and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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