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The Internet recently paid a visit to Center Stage in Atlanta on March 2nd and 3rd, so we at IdOMUSIC want to tell you a little about the Grammy-nominated R&B band in case you aren’t familiar. They are definitely ones to watch, so here is a list of what we believe to be the Top 6 songs from their discography, along with a little background on the young artists.

  1. Girl feat. Kaytranada - Ego Death
  2. Dontcha - Feel Good
  3. Cocaine - Purple Naked Ladies
  4. Get Away - Ego Death
  5. Gabby feat. Janelle Monae - Ego Death
  6. The Garden - Purple Naked Ladies

Originating in LA, the band was formed by Odd Future members Syd (vocals) and Matt Martians (keyboards/vocals) in 2011. Since then, they have released three studio albums and three EPs. Ego Death, their most notable work to date, was nominated for a Grammy in 2016. Their music follows an alternative route to R&B music, combining hip-hop and electronic sounds.

In a 2016 interview with Hot 97, the group credits Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly (2015) and fellow artist Tyler the Creator for opening doors and normalizing a different sound.  This allows audiences to be more receptive to their style of music. They group themselves with artists like Anderson .Paak or Thundercat, who both have a contemporary R&B sound with heavy jazz influences.

Syd spoke on the band’s first two albums saying their debut work, Purple Naked Ladies, had it’s own sound and their second release, Feel Good, was “too chill.” A testament to trial and error, Ego Death perfects their sound, finding the perfect mix of classic soul and the new-age rhythm and blues that borders on experimental. 

The band definitely has a following, with a decent number of fans who have been with them from the beginning, but also a large number of people who, upon hearing “Girl,” started to pay more attention. They are set to release their next album in Spring. Three of the group’s members, Syd, Matt Martians, and Steve Lacy, have released solo projects leading up to their next collaborative work.

Matt Martians, the groups keyboardist and vocalist releasedThe Drum Chord Theory on January 27th.  The album features 12 tracks of experimental hip-hop heavy in live instrumentation. His work caters more to an unconventional group, “Alotta Women/ Useless (feat. Kari Faux)” is my favorite track.

Martian’s solo work was followed by Syd’s Fin on February 3rd. Her work features 12 tracks of classic R&B vocals, reminiscent of Aaliyah, and her lyrics exude sensuality and maturity. “Body” and “All About Me” are my personal favorites.

Steve Lacy’s Demo is the solo release from the band’s guitarist Steve Lacy. His project, released on February 24th, features 6 songs with only a 15 minute duration. Be sure to listen to the whole demo, but “Ryd” is a personal favorite.   

In an interview for Pharrell’s OTHERtone Podcast, the group noted that their solo projects will only help them as a whole, rather than dividing them. The albums allow you to get to know 3 out of 5 of the band’s members as individuals. It allows you to understand what they each contribute in order to find their sound as a whole. They are strong alone which only makes their collaborative efforts that much stronger. Be on the look out for their next release Spring of this year and take a listen to some of their earlier works to see just how far they’ve come.

The final Tight 32 contest of 2016 ended with Preme Cordice besting several other emcees for the title. Do yourself a favor and check out his winning verse if you need to understand.  Production provided by PWR Beatz representative Kangaroo809, listen to Preme discuss the origins of his name and some of his influences growing up. We touch on his existing projects and The Employee Of The Month concept to describe his sound. Find out exactly what this means and why after entering previous contest he took a chance on entering That Tight Thirty Two On Thurdayz competition.

Thankful for all the great music being released as 2016 comes to an end and the streak continues with Yasiin Bey's 'December 99th' album. After going through much drama with South Africa where he has been detained since top of the year for attempting to leave country with a world passport. He has now been deemed an "undesirable person" by the country's home affairs department and will not be allowed to return.

The unfortunate events have led to new music solely produced with Ferrari Sheppard. The entire project was recorded in South Africa. Long time fans of Yasiin will rejoice to hear new music. The project is streaming on Tidal and tonight you can watch the exclusive concert.  With such a story behind the music would it make you want to listen to the album more or does it matter? Give the album and listen and share comments . 

Where is a great place to catch some great hip hop in the city of Atlanta tonight? Maybe you should check out The Bar Exam taking place at Apache Cafe. The Bar Exam is a multi-genre, open mic style showcase held at the legendary Apache Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia where the audience chooses who passes the bar, or passes the mic!

Known for his righteous messages in the music, Common delivers another socially conscious track named 'Black America Again' Remix along with Gucci Mane, Pusha T, and BJ The Chicago Kid. Common recently released his 11th LP and couldn't have came at a better time. The message is strong and to the point with his recent single. Is it far fetched to demand more records in this tone for the people? The truth twisted into rhyme but can be digested by numerous walks of life? This is an opportunity I'm anxious to see and hear but how will the people respond?

The winner of the producer portion for That Tight Thirty Two On Thurzdayz for the month of August goes to Chase The Money hailing from St.Louis, Missouri. Similar to the emcee registration, Chase entered the contest going against some heavy hitters. Every month the judges look for production that make it fairly easy for true emcees to feel comfortable unleashing 32 bars inside the Sonically Superior establishment known as Patchwerk Recording Studios. Check out our interview with Chase The Money and connect with him for your next project!

Having a plan for your next project no matter if single, ep, or lp is just as important as creating the melody when looking to receive funds for your werk. Set up a IdOMUSIC Spotlight Interview! Add to your promotional reel for next project. Get a head start on your digital campaign with ready to go coverage discussing your current completed werk or other ventures. Patchwerk Recording Studios marketing team will complete a one on one interview with client detailing their story behind the music!

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I remember watching French Montana attend Gucci Mane sessions at Patchwerk Recording Studios years ago wondering what the connection would lead to. French understandstood the down south network must exist to bubble. Since then he has gone on to prosper attaching himself to some decent names in the business. Shout out to Lola keeping the business in order!

A new release date set for August 19th will bring MC4 to life. The energy was so good from the Wave Gods mixtape a visual was for sure in the immediate future for the single Lockjaw featuring Kodak Black. 


The winner of  "That Tight 32" Producer of The Month goes to IcebergthuDon. He provided the production for the "Tight 32" emcee performances. Iceberg had to compete against 12 other producers for the win. Every month we look for a producer who can mix it up and deliver three solid tracks for the contestants.

One of the best albums in 2016 comes from Dr.Dre's protege Anderson.Paak titled Malibu. Delivering a message of positivity he released a three in one video for tracks The Season/Carry Me/The Waters. The visuals look amazing. Whoever is running his imagery I'd like to have a word with soon. Too dope.

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