July Patchwerkstudio Playlist

Jul 07 2017 Be the first to comment!
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Oh I know what you are thinking today. Where in the world is that Patchwerk Recording Studio Playlist right?? A wide range of tunes has kept the staff up late at night and early in the morning werking on the sound for our clients and crafting marketing activities for IdOMUSIC®. I'm pleased to be able to have you peak into the house of sonically super sound and digest our monthly playlist. You may find a couple jewels in the list you can consider rocking to.

You can look forward to various playlist being created in the near future. These songs will originate from the werk our engineers have had the pleasure of crafting as well as the numerous tracks we master and code. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Apple Playlist: http://bit.ly/july2017pwrplaylist

Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/julypwrplaylistspotify

Rewind and have listen to our last two playlist. Delivering consistency for those who want to listen.


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Oz Banga

Decided a long time ago to live life banging. Everything has been on autopilot since!

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