Eric B. Explains Why He and Rakim Haven't Been Together For 19 Years and More

Mar 16 2016 Be the first to comment!
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Eric B. & Rakim are by far one of the greatest music groups of all time. There's not too many true hip-hop enthusiasts that will leave Rakim off of their top 5 dead or alive emcee list, but not enough is said about his legendary partner in crime.


 Being that Eric B. hasn't done many interviews since the group debuted in 1986, there was a lot of 'new' information shared in his recent interview with Reggie Ossé on the Combat Jack Show podcast. How did the group start? Why does Marly Marl take credit where credit isn't due? Why is Eric B. hanging out with George W. Bush? Mandela? Suge Knight? Beef with John Gotti & Sammy the Bull? And why he hasn't been around Rakim in 19 yrs.

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Adell Henderson


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