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An interesting take on one facet of the current state of hip-hop

Two SoundCloud Rap Outlaws Push Boundaries From the Fringes

Legal troubles have placed XXXTentacion and 6ix9ine on the industry’s margins, but their freedom to break musical rules there is gaining them attention and fans.

niko For both artists, songs are short — around a 2:08 average for XXXTentacion (including interludes) and 2:28 for 6ix9ine — because their bursts of... Show more 20 hours 35 minutes ago


Just to follow up my post from last week.

From Moscow with Flow: How Rap Became Russia's Most Important Genre

Relying on DIY methods and a "fuck the major labels" attitude, homegrown rappers are bringing a fresh, global sound to the Russian underground.


Producer and DJ Matt Dike defined rap and underground in the 1980s

Matt Dike, Hit-Making Founder of Hip-Hop Label, Dies at 56

His label, Delicious Vinyl, released crossover hits by Tone-Loc and Young M.C., and he helped the Beastie Boys make the groundbreaking “Paul’s Boutique.”


Hip hop music teaches children, parents to recognize stroke and act quickly

The 'Hip Hop Stroke' initiative uses hip hop music lyrics to effectively educate economically-disadvantaged, minority children and parents about stroke.

It's hard to get into posting engaging content on Instagram but I found this article that really helped my thought process...check it out here:... Show more


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A Music Insider Dishes On The Biggest Industry Predictions for 2018

A Deeper Look Into What the Music Industry Has In Store for 2018


Babyface launches Good Vibes Music, with Spotify-hosted writer camps - Music Business Worldwide

Discovery Song Camp is hosted by Spotify’s Secret Genius initiative


iHeartMedia Turns The Dial To Bankruptcy

The country's largest radio broadcaster, iHeartMedia spent years trying to manage $20 billion in debt. Now, the company has reached an agreement that will cut…

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