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I'm very much not a fan of this song/video but this is a perfect example of how the rap market is more than just the United...
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NC school's YouTube rap song a hit in Russia | Charlotte Observer

Providence High students have a legitimate claim to being social media music stars, after racking up more than 26,000 views of a music video on…


Tamil rap artists resisting poverty and discrimination in Malaysia

Hip-hop as an art form is rooted in resistance and has been embraced by many Malaysian Tamils.


Darker shade of pale: Asian hip hop sets new tone in skin beauty

Many women in East Asia desire pale skin, but a minority have rebelled against this beauty standard, influenced by Chinese rappers, some K-pop stars and…


Seven other K-pop, rap and indie acts that can make it in US like BTS

After the chart success in America of the seven-member boy band, we look at the other Korean musical stars with a shot at following in…

Music connects us all.

So I'm really into Lucci's album. It's so fire!!! When I listen to music, I listen to everything: the beat/melodies/harmonies/lyrics..I REALLY LOVE... Show more

Always remain a student of the game.

My favorite song right now is Tory Lanez B.I.D What y'all listening to???!

Who is going to SXSW?!!!! I see alot of dope stages

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