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No Perpin just Werkin / Poppy Khan at Patchwerk politicking with them aSLUMni Muz!k boyz / We're excited by what lies ahead. Discover new music at... Show more shared a photo. 3 weeks ago

The owner of Patchwerk Recording Studios giving Poppy Khan some game to put in his back pocketLearning is the jump off of everything. Discover new... Show more shared a photo. 4 weeks ago

BIG results require BIG ambitions
Discover new music at
and meet your new favorite artist
#heavygamebizworldwide #poppykhan...
Show more shared a photo. 4 weeks ago

Poppy Khan at Patchwerk soakin up game on the business side of things with the homie Jasper Cameron songwriter/producer of Universal Music... Show more

Tune into Cookies and Lemonade tonight at 8pm via periscope and you might just catch me on tonight. #OHNO #Patchwerk #Studio9000 #AyoFlow... Show more

Tee217 shared a photo. 1 year ago

#LetsWerk #Patchwerk