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Don't do it! Oooh this subject matter thooooo...

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Oh...My...God...LMAOOOOOOO....I won't lie this is a milly rock and bop on Santa's sleigh type joint...
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Who are those people who stay calling Patchwerk to book studio time? #learn

Drake for the WIN! Among all the National Sex Scandals Drake steps up to beat a fan down!

Indie Band gets banned from Spotify for Life!? Wait....what?…

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree...I can't stand things that have been known to kill people...just sayin!…

#HAIRMULLET When you get a number one for 5 weeks, you grow bangs #hairbebangin

Time to Celebrate!

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At 11am! Every Hour on the Hour we are #celebrating the #Veterans of That #Tight32Contest powered x...
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This doesn't stray to far from the formula when it comes to "I'm a celebrity but I'm just like you" songs,...
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Excuses don't make it happen.
Check out this episode of the Gary Vee show #WerkORWatch


Imagine That

50 Cent and Björk have lined up behind cryptocurrency. AudioCoin promises to get artists paid. But, will the technology truly work?

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Look at what's coming in the future!! Lion King + Bey = I'm here for it!

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